The Muskegon VA Outpatient Clinic is now located at:

5000 Hakes Drive
Norton Shores, MI 49441
Telephone (231) 798-4445

Use of copier for document reproduction.
Use of copier for document reproduction.
    V.A. Counselors Available.
    V.A. Psychiatrist Available.
    Veterans educational counselor to assist with applying for all types of GI educational benefits.
    An attorney is available to provide advice and assistance.
    Service officers from the American Legion and Disabled American Veterans are available to assist in dealing with the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.
Document Request
Assistance in obtaining military service records, birth, death, and marriage certificates, etc.
Employment Assistance
MJS/ESA Employment specialist and Employment Counselor available to provide a counseling and referral to agencies for possible placement.
Family Assistance
Referral to appropriate agencies and some financial assistance.
Food Bank
Provide food to those in need.
General Information
Information on all matters, from benefits to additional sources of assistance.
Medical Assistance
Help with hospital equipment, prescriptions, etc.
Pick up prescriptions from Grand Rapids Outpatient Clinic.
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Outpatient Clinic.
On-site medical treatment and physical exams.
Michigan Veterans Trust Fund
Emergency assistance for eligible wartime veterans!
Phone Use
Use of center's phone in conjunction with assistance.
Resume Service
Assistance in constructing, typing and making copies of resumes.
Soldiers and Sailors Relief
Emergency financial assistance for eligible wartime veterans!
Substance Abuse
Assistance in assessing treatment and follow up.
Veterans Burial Service
$300.00 for eligible wartime veterans and their spouse.